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Who is Helen Poulos?


Helen offers the unique combination of lived experience as she is neurodivergent herself, is a professionally qualified ACA Registered Counsellor, a NESA Accredited experienced teacher, and the Founder of ASK Counselling. She provides families with a sought-after perspective of life through a neurodivergent lens, as well as a person-centered, strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming & holistic counselling service that you can trust to support you and & your family throughout every phase of your journey. 


We all need support at some point, and everyone deserves to ASK for it. Counselling allows you to discuss issues causing concern in a safe and supportive environment. Many people find that talking with a professional counsellor helps them to work out better ways to deal with issues in their life, parenting or relationships. Helen is an advocate for neurodiversity affirming practice, and as one of her areas of interests is neurodivergence, mental health and supporting parents to raise children respectful to their neurotype; Helen engages in continuous personal and professional development and research in this field. 


If you're wondering how Helen can help you, the only way to find out is to ASK! 

Book a FREE discovery call to find out by sending through a request via our contact page  

ASK for answers, SEEK knowledge, and KNOCK down barriers. 

"Just because no one else can do your inner work and healing for you,

doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone". 



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At ASK Counselling we take the time to understand and appreciate your distinct thought processes, communication styles and sensory sensitivities- and cater to them! Our lived experience and comprehensive knowledge of neurodivergence and mental health means we can offer a truly inclusive, safe and welcoming therapeutic environment. You'll be encouraged to embrace your authentic self and live life to the fullest. We promote self-advocacy and self-determination because your voice matters, and we'll help you find it and use it. 


We cater therapy to the requirements and preferences of each client and offer a range of counselling services for all ages, practical parenting support, and specialised parent training programs designed by award-winning Autistic trainers for parents of newly identified Autistic children and teens. 


ASK Counselling is passionate about assisting parents to understand and embrace differences in neurology. We'd love to support you on your journey of identifying, meeting, and advocating for your own or your child's educational, sensory, emotional and physiological needs. When you partner with ASK Counselling, know you are in safe hands!


When you reach out to us, you will always feel welcome, safe and comfortable in a friendly environment free of judgement to explore your concerns, difficulties, thoughts , emotions and behaviour. Counselling provides opportunities for learning and personal growth and limitless benefits for those who are open to self-exploration and personal development. 

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