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Founder of ASK Counselling, BA/MTeach/Dip.Couns/M.A.C.A (Level 1)

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Finally! The Answer You've Been Looking For!A neurodiversity-affirming safe space

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I appreciate you taking the time to visit and if you still have questions once you've had a look through my website, be sure to request a FREE discovery call! 


As an ACA Registered Counsellor and an advocate for neurodiversity affirming practice and parenting, I empower families and individuals of all ages to identify, understand and meet their emotional, sensory, academic, and physiological needs. When I work with parents, I assist them to foster strong family connections and build a healthy foundation for mental health for their children from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. My neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based approach assists parents of neurodivergent children to perceive their child's world through a neurodivergent lens and create an environment where their children can thrive and meet their potential.

I create a safe space free of judgement for clients to be their authentic selves and speak openly and genuinely during consultations, with many of my clients reporting that even during their first consultation they feel an immediate comfort and ease as if speaking with an old friend. 


With over a decade of experience as an Educator in NSW schools, I have a natural ability to develop strong rapport and trust with my younger clients. As a counsellor there has been greater demand for a neurodivergent, neurodiversity affirming counsellor who understands parenting, allied-health therapies, the NDIS and all the ins and outs of neurodivergence and mental/physical health throughout the lifespan. Along with parenting support, adults often also reach out for guidance on their journey before, during and after identification of their own neurology and beyond as they adjust to thriving as their authentic selves.

"Helen is an amazing counsellor. She genuinely cares for her clients and puts their needs and interests first. For our family, the most important aspect of having Helen as our counsellor is that she is neuro-affirming with a strengths based approach. She is helping us learn more about ourselves as well as how to view and speak about being neurodiverse. Helen is a blessing and we highly recommend her."
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