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ACA Registered Counsellor, NESA Accredited Teacher. Multiply neurodivergent. Australia's only Licensed Cothu Trainer

Founder of ASK Counselling, BA/MTeach/Dip.Couns/M.A.C.A (Level 1)

Australian Counselling Association Registered Member level 1
NDIS Claimable Counselling & Parent Training.
Neurodiversity-Affirming Counselling Trademarked Logo.

Supporting parents of neurodivergent children navigate the journey that lies ahead.

Welcome to ASK Counselling I'm Helen Poulos, a multiply neurodivergent ACA Registered Counsellor and NESA Accredited Teacher. I support parents of Autistic & ADHD  children & teenagers navigate their journey. I also provide counselling to adults needing strategies and support throughout their own diagnostic journey. 


Through counselling, parents learn skills to foster positive family connections and build a healthy foundation of strong mental health for their children from childhood into adulthood. I can assist parents to perceive their child's world through a neurodivergent lens and create an environment where their children can thrive and meet their potential.

I care about helping parents better understand themselves and their children by giving them the support they need from the very beginning.

As a qualified counsellor I support parents of neurodivergent children navigate the journey that lies ahead.

My services are through Telehealth and NDIS Claimable.

"Helen is an amazing counsellor. She genuinely cares for her clients and puts their needs and interests first. For our family, the most important aspect of having Helen as our counsellor is that she is neuro-affirming with a strengths based approach. She is helping us learn more about ourselves as well as how to view and speak about being neurodiverse. Helen is a blessing and we highly recommend her."


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