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Registration is open for September & November!

Group 1: September 19 & 20 


Group 2: November 25 & 27 




$450pp  100% NDIS Claimable

Why choose our Cothu Parent Program?


Parents can now learn from Autistic people

This is a valuable opportunity to learn directly from Autistic people: COTHÚ (pronounced ka-hoo), Irish for nurture, is a unique parent training program designed by award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselves. 

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Spend your time enjoying your child, instead of filtering through the internet and outdated books for guidance.
We have it all ready for you!
You will get an insight into the challenges Autistic children face in the social and physical environment and learn strategies to support their child to advocate for their needs.  

Knowledge, resources and tools ready to use!

Be relieved of the myths and discriminatory ideas around autism and given instead a fresh outlook on Neurodiversity and the Autistic way of being.  The aim of Cothú is to support parents so that they in turn can support their Autistic children to be their authentic selves. 


Cothú will help parents to enjoy relationships with their children and family life through acceptance and understanding. 

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Yachts in th Ocean
“I would have really really benefitted from these ideas earlier in my parenting journey and saved myself a lot
Of heartache. We need to meet children where they are and remove the artificial pressure of conforming to 
Neurotypical standards."
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0483 191 198 


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