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Introducing COTHUStarting parents of Autistic children on the right track!

Cothu is a parent training program designed by award-winning Autistic trainersto give you the tools and knowledge needed to raise your child respectful to their neurotype.


In 2024 ASK Counselling will be introducing Australia to an exclusive and
heavily sought after program designed especially for parents of a newly
identified Autistic child or teen.

It's Finally Here!

This is a valuable opportunity to learn directly from Autistic people:
(pronounced ka-hoo), Irish for nurture, is a unique neurodiversity-affirming
parent training program designed by award-winning trainers who
are Autistic themselves.

Cothu Course Explained by Evaleen Whelton
Evaleen is Autistic and the Director of AUsome Training.

Cothú offers parents a different view of their child, a very human view. It is full
of practical tools, exercises and opportunities for growth and relationship
building. This course will give you everything you need to empower yourself and
your Autistic children and teens.

NO COST to secure your place in a 2024 course 

Screenshot 2023-10-10 141706.png

Structure: One LIVE two-hour training session per week for 5 weeks with Helen Poulos via Zoom. 

The weekly 2hr block will be at the same day and time each week for the duration of your course.

As there is limited capacity per course, Pre-Registration is essential to securing your place.

Avoid disappointment by registering for this unique opportunity NOW! 

(No payment needed to secure your spot)

Helen Poulos- Founder of ASK Counselling, Education & Training
BA/MTeach/Dip.Couns (M.A.C.A Level 1)
(In 2024 Helen will be the only Licensed Cothu Parent Program Facilitator in Australia)

The first program will be offered in APRIL 2024.

Course delivered by a neurodivergent NESA Accredited Teacher, ACA Registered
Counsellor specialising in neurodiversity-affirming practice, Licenced Cothu course facilitator and Founder of ASK Counselling, Education & Training


Parents will get an insight into the challenges Autistic children face in the social and physical environment and learn strategies to support their child to advocate for their needs.  


Parents will be relieved of the myths and discriminatory ideas around autism and given instead a fresh outlook on Neurodiversity and the Autistic way of being.  The aim of Cothú is to support parents so that they in turn can support their Autistic children to be their authentic selves. 


Cothú will help parents to enjoy relationships with their children and family life through acceptance and understanding which is not offered by any other courses. 

                       Cothú is truly revolutionary- a breakthrough in the neurodiversity movement!

                                                   The first of its kind available in Australia

                                                      Completely payable through NDIS!


Family Time

What are parents saying about Cothu?

"The course helped me focus my mindset, goals, and perspective"

"Would love if this training could be delivered to the entire population, especially teachers and other kids"

"This course is a gift to all parents of Autistic children- it's absolutely essential to getting families on the right track from the very start!"

"This program is a game changer- an essential first step to every parent at the start of their journey"



Reserve your place in this extraordinary program!

This is the best decision you can make for your child- take this opportunity to gain the tools, skills and information you need to help you and your child connect and thrive!

Payment for the course

Kindly tick all options of your availability for the COTHU parenting program. You will be contacted to confirm your group day and time for the program.  All times are Sydney time zone.


Glad to have you on board, Welcome to COTHU.

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